Summit 2012

The 2012 Summit took place on June 8-10, in Durango, Colorado. Click the links below for more information.


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Schedule of Events

Friday, July 12




Volunteer Meeting

5:00pm - 6:00pm



Evening Program

Saturday, July 13


Silent Sunrise Walk–Carla Robertson




Lighten Up! Take One–Rosie Enos: This clinic will introduce you to lightweight principles for backpacking. Learn how to lighten your load without sacrificing your safety during your outdoor adventures.
Walking 500 miles to Santiago: A Pilgrimage and more, in Spain–Deborah Berman
Dehydrating Food for Backpacking–Judy Gross


Rafting the Grand Canyonem>–Terri McClellan and Maria Hopgood
The Sense and Nonsense of Hiking–Regina Reiter
Walk and Talk–Carrie Thompson




How to Hike the Florida Trail–Sandra Friend: One National Scenic Trail, two time zones, and 1,400 miles of potential trip planning: that's the Florida Trail, stretching from the edge of the wild Everglades to the sparkling sands of Pensacola Beach. Despite its lack of elevation change, it's a trail with an extraordinary range of scenery and challenges. Whether you're tackling a long-distance hike, a week, or a weekend, it's a trail that requires smart planning in advance. Author of 12 books on Florida hiking, Sandra Friend also owns and manages the popular hike-planning website With nearly 15 years experience and more than 3,000 miles of hiking on Florida's trails, Sandra will share the secrets of successfully hiking in Florida, a destination unlike the rest of the United States.
Unleash the photographer in you–Sanne Larsen Bagby: Whether you use a simple point-and-shoot or a hefty SLR camera, there are some basic hints and guidelines that will ensure you get the best possible photos, images that capture the story that you want to tell and the memories that you wish to preserve from your outdoor adventures! This workshop will explore some of the most basic principles of photography, along with some creative ideas for your taking your photos from mere "snapshots" to "masterpieces!" You won't need a camera to participate in this classroom-based clinic, but you are sure to wish you had your camera with you so that you can try out what you have learned before going back home!
Overcoming Outdoor Fears–Roam The Woods panel


2,000 Miles of Miracles on the AT–Carla Robertson
Leave No Trace Hiking–Kathy Rioux
Groove Class–Leanna Joyner


Peeing, Pooping and Periods–A Panel Discussion on dealing with all things female in the outdoors


Group Photo




Trail Dames Summit Awards Ceremony
Keynote Address: 30 Miles or 3,000 Miles–There's a Trail Adventure to be Had!–Sanne Larsen Bagby: Enjoy this musical slideshow of photos taken by husband and wife team, Chris "Spur" Bagby and Sanne "Ready" Larsen Bagby. The program covers the renowned "Triple Crown" of hiking trails (which consists of the Appalachian, the Pacific Crest, and the Continental Divide Trails); the "oldest trail" in the USA, Vermont's Long Trail; and Alaska's Chilkoot Trail, America's "Longest Museum."


Gear Swap in the Dorm Common Room

Sunday, July 14


Morning Meditation–Stephanie Wright




Hiking and Meditation–Stephanie Wright
Lighten Up! Take Two–Rosie Enos: This will be a continuation of the previous day's class. We will expand on lightweight principles for backpacking including a pack shakedown. Participants bring your backpacking set up if you would like to actively participate in the pack shakedown. The last 15 minutes of class will be dedicated to the creation of your own Super Cat Alcohol Stove. Please bring a 3 oz. aluminum can to class for the Super Cat Alcohol Stove Project. Cat food cans such as Fancy Feast work great.
Girls Just Want To Have An Adventure–Judy Young: As an older hiker, I had to overcome both physical and mental obstacles...especially my family's fears, as well as my own. I encourage women to step out of their comfort zone, get over their fears, and embark on an adventure.


Thru Hike Gems-A Panel Discussion about the shorter trails out there–Sanne Larsen Bagby, Anna Huthmaker, Leanna Joyner


Summit End


Optional Hike led by Judy Gross

Class Descriptions

Appreciating the Moment

This course explores the spiritual side of being outdoors. We take an interactive look at journaling and sketching as forms of meditation as well as some meditiaton techniques to help us leave our busy lives at our cars and truly live in the moment while on the trail. Bring a notebook, journal or just pieces of paper to use in class.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon into "the Great Unknown"

A slide show of our 6 day rafting trip down the Colorado River in June 2010